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Vegan Bible

Sandhill Books

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Vegan Bible is an exhaustive work in which you will discover the richness and the diversity of vegan foods and how cooking can still be truly creative even without eggs, meat, fish or dairy products. Learn how to make your own vegan cheeses, creams and milks, how to cook astonishing egg-free, dairy-free desserts, and how to prepare 100% vegan versions of some of the great classic dishes using ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket. As well as recipes for breakfasts, lunches, suppers and baby foods there are recipes for every occasion: birthdays, brunches, picnics, barbecues, and family get-togethers. More than just a collection of recipes, the book provides illustrated step-by-step information on the key ingredients of the vegan diet: nuts, flax seeds, chickpeas, avocado; and there is a chapter outlining the essentials for vegan nutritional balance: where to find protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and mistakes to avoid. The demand for vegan cookbooks is growing a pace as more and more people stop eating animal products for environmental, ethical or health reasons and this gorgeous collection of 500 inventive, inspirational recipes for newcomers and long-time vegans alike is destined to be a constant companion.

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