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Republic or Vancouver Island Camping Moon Tshirt

Republic of Vancouver Island


Camping on Vancouver Island Beaches - one thing we all have to try

Find where the driftwood has settled and camp amongst it; don’t pitch your tent in the middle of the beach because you’ll be rudely awakened by the cold ocean washing over you in the middle of the night. At night, watch the sunset and listen to the ocean as it comes steadily closer. If there’s no threat of rain, keep your tent’s cover open to watch the ocean and wake to the salty ocean air. The loud waves will crash throughout the night and at their peak will be mere feet from your tent.

If you decide to have a fire, practice as close to Leave No Trace as you can. Build your fire below the high tide line so that the ocean will clear it throughout the night. Make sure the beach can support your use of driftwood firewood and that you aren’t stripping the beach of its resources. Use only dead and dry wood and keep your fire at a reasonable size. Don’t burn plastics or leave unburned garbage in your fire for the ocean to wash away. As always, don’t have a fire if there are fire bans.


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