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Scoria Moon Phases Cork Yoga Mat (4.5mm)

Scoria World Inc.

Don't fret the sweat, embrace it. The Scoria Cork mat delivers supreme traction when sweating with no slip.


After sweating, lay the mat to dry, then roll & store.
Always roll CORK side out.
Store in shade and avoid long sun exposure.
To clean, simply wipe with a cloth, a little soap and water.
Not machine washable.


+Comes with our cotton mat carry strap!

+100% natural cork and tree rubber

+ultra-grip for sweat, lose the towel 

+plant based & biodegradable

+sustainably harvested

+for a safe and non-toxic practice

+no pvc, per, tpe or harsh chemicals

+perfect for hot yoga, gentle yoga, meditation, stretching

+naturally anti-microbial eliminating odor

+plastic free packaging

+Spray with water to activate sweat-grip in cold practices until body is warm.


+size: 72" x 26"

+thickness: 4.5mm (standard thick)

+weight: 2.9 kg

Possible allergens; natural rubber latex.

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