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Danica Studio Myth Water Bottle

Danica Studio

Immerse yourself in a realm of untold beauty and wonder with our Myth Stainless Steel water Bottle. Ancient symbols reimagined in a palette of modern earth tones combine to tell a story about the complex cycles of the natural world.

Carry an expression of unparalleled style and sustainability with a reusable drink container chosen from our stainless steel water bottle collection. Fill it with your favorite beverage—hot or cold—and let the day's adventures begin. Peeking from a tote bag or atop your work desk, each uplifting design extends a gentle reminder to take a sip and embrace the wonder of everyday moments.

Myth reimagines symbolic storytelling with simplified forms of birds and foliage. Block-print is used to play out a pattern of doves that seem to dart and dive amongst sprouting foliage, blossoming blooms and arching rainbows. Loose shapes are balanced with linework details to create a handcrafted tale of the cycles of the seasons and the simple beauty of our natural surroundings.

  • 17 oz, 9 inches Tall, 3 inches Wide
  • Double Walled Stainless Steel
  • Hand Wash Only

Collections: Fresh New Looks, Home Decor

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