A sampling of Artists and Craftspeople we represent…..


Lisa Fletcher Jewellery – Tofino- Lisa Fletcher draws inspiration for her custom jewellery from the natural beauty of her west coast home in Tofino B.C. She was trained in traditional goldsmithing techniques at the Vancouver Metal Art School, where she was encouraged to play with form, texture and material in all aspects of training. Lisa’s distinct style of clean organic lines blends natural inspiration and raw material into the perfect balance, making each piece as unique as the individual who wears them.

Daniela Petosa-Potter and sculptor –Most recently inspired by raw colors and patterns found in her oceanic surroundings, Daniela’s work is moving towards unglazed highly textured surface, mixing pigments into clay to create unique color combinations is part of what makes her latest works distinctive. Layering textured patterns through various techniques in earthy tones create a weathered feel mimicking the constantly evolving landscape. 

Pyrhha Jewellery-   From their Vancouver studio, using techniques that evolved from trial and error and a disregard for rules, Canadian jewelry designers Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore craft the heraldic wax seal talismans that have become the Pyrrha signature. “Jewelers traditionally try to make everything look perfect, say Danielle and Wade, “but we like to show the maker’s hand. We celebrate the original cracks in the waxes.”

Linda Handford Silversmith – Gabriola Island